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With the Lautsänger Custom Made - Service we offer you the possibility to equip your own headphones with the Lautsänger modification. We integrate the appropriate Lautsänger organs into your headphones with perfect craftsmanship. The basic characteristics of the headphones remain fully intact. A Sennheiser will sound like a Sennheiser even after the modification, a Beyerdynamic like a Beyerdynamic. However, in addition to the familiar sound pressure, the Kymatik organs allow for the inclusion of the Klangsog with an enhancement of a lively musical experience that is characteristic of the Lautsänger invention.

The offered modification level corresponds to that of a Lautsänger Journey MK II.

After sending in your headphones, we will check them for functionality and then confirm your order.

Lautsänger Custom Made

    • Beyerdynamic - T5p
    • Focal - Elegia
    • Meze - 99 Neo
    • Meze - 99 Classics
    • Sennheiser - Momentum
    • Sonus faber – Pryma
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